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I was hired in the to go at the carrabbas on Midlothian Tnpk in midlothian va. I only worked a week and two days and I was told at the last minute about a 70 question menu test.

Then I come to work during training and Im by myself nobody wanted to help. I walked out and the manager Heather called me and left a message and didnt hang up like she thought she did and I have a recording of her and a co worker who isnt a manager by the name of Alaini talking about me in an unprofessional manner.

I will be contacting my lawyer if I do not hear from somebody by Monday. Ive already emailed one time this week and no response

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 11450 Midlothian Turnpike, North Chesterfield, VA 23235

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Tldr; Childish employee that couldn't do the job walks out after a week and spreads lies about employees parents being pedophiles. Now she has changed her name to match how smart she is.


It won’t even let me delete the original post

@Deez nutz

Why hide it? Now we know you're a terrible person. You probably eat your feelings and it shows.


Honey you cannot sue someone because they hurt your feelings. Nor an you make slanderous posts accusing everyone that disagree with you as being one of the employees who was talking ill about you.

Especially if you do not have it recorded. Also with the way you are talking to others you probably had it coming to you Besides you did reply on the say you claim, with five posts. You do know that when you click on your name they show up with the date you replied right?

If anyone is acting unprofessional it is you. You say you are 35 but act five.


I never made those posts I have no reason to lie I can tell you which ones I posted but i never posted anything exposing anybody’s personal life


And I am not contacting a lawyer about my feelings being hurt. I have voice recordings on my phone of the manager and a co worker saying inappropriate things.

They thought they hung up but they didn’t and the whole conversation is on my vm. I’m contacting a lawyer because of workplace discrimination


You are dumb. What are the chances that Heather or anyone that works for the company know that you posted on this very site.

There are lots of sites there for complaining. This site is not popular. Think before you post. You have no case.

Even if you did not admit to spitting in the food, you have no proof that she talked about you. Even if she said something about you, reading your replies to others, whatever she said must be true.

If it is true, she is doing nothing wrong. You have no case.

@Lavella Qon

I have proof on my voicemail that she talked about me what part of that post did you all not see?


From the way you conduct yourself its no surprise you couldn't hold a job down. Your attitude is trash.


And once again idk you so I really could care less about your opinion. I only worked there a week my attitude is far from trash but I’m not going to continue to go back and forth with a bunch of internet thugs who wouldn’t talk this *** to my face if so meet me there at carrabbas today at 4pm and talk your ***


And I’m so glad to know that y’all attack women for working two jobs trynna provide for her family. When a woman doesn’t work and live in the projects y’all have something to say about that.

Honestly all of y’all can kiss my *** I’ve been working trying to provide financial stability for my family and household. If you wanna attack me for doing that you can go straight to *** idgaf.

@Deez nutz

Why bring gender into this? You walking out is juvenile weather your male or female. I bet you play that card all the time but then call yourself independent...


Did you read her latest post. She admitted she made lies about Heather's father.

Disgusting lies. Read latest post that is the top of this page.

@Deez nutz

You are unprofessional.

@Deez nutz

The whole point about the grammar comment is an adult should know better. you did make the posts about spitting in food and lying about the person being Heather.

@Deez nutz

Y’all isn’t a word. It’s a term used by trash.


You are being unprofessional right now by whining about them online and they could take you to court as well. Maybe you should quit until you are more mature to hold a job?

@Jenice Lnh

Girl bye that was a pt second job last I checked I ain’t ask for your opinion

@Jenice Lnh

I am 35 and been at my real job for 5 years plus my last job I had for 15 u just made this account today so let me find out you on here snooping. For all I kno u could be heather or alaini. Take yo *** to bed and stop worrying bout what I’m saying about a company I worked for as if you kno what goes on

@Deez nutz

It sounds like you were a bad employee. How do we know this isn't a lie? The internet can also have an opinion just like you...

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