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On nov 26th I went to Carrabba’s for an early dinner and left my $300.00 sunglasses on the table of my booth. I went back the next morning before the doors were unlocked and waited for them to open, certain that my glasses would be there.

They were not. My waitress confirmed that she brought them to the hostess station to wait for my return. When I went back I was treated with an “oh well”. The manager was to talk to the employees and call me.

He did not. I went back again on the 28th, spoke to yet another manager, got another “ will talk to the employees and call you. No call. There should have been some form of protocol they follow when someone leaves something of value in their restaurant.

I feel they were negligent in caring for my property until my return which was less than 24 hours! Someone in their employ recognized what they were and took them. I’ve written three times filing a complaint to Carrabba’s customer service and no acknowledgement from them either. They went as far as noting my complaint as resolved yet no one contacted me.

I’m very upset because I suffer from chronic dry eyes and purchase sunglasses with protective lens’ to help me. It’s not a vanity thing, they’re a necessity.

Emily Ferrini 717 870 1499 emilyfkl@

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No my sweet stupid little girl...YOU were the negligent party when you stupidly left your "valuable" property in the place. What do you think happened, someone with dry eyes and the same script took your @#$# and is now using them.

Next time pin them to your sleeve as you appear to be dumb as a box of rocks. Why else would you leave your personal information on a public message board for all to see?

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