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Went to the Ocala Florida branch for Meatball Magnifico. Got served what looked like a hamburger.

Have sent 3 emails and left 2 messages with corporate - no one has bothered to get back to me. Also soup arrived at the same time as the main course despite the fact we asked for it to be served first. PLUS the pasta was served cold. Really bad experience but no one seems to be bothered about customer complaints.

Not as good as they used to be and although we have been regular customers in the past we will not be going back as customer service should be a priority to companies. Photos show their publicity shot and what we actually received!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carrabbas Meatball Magnifico Main Course.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Minestrone soup.

I didn't like: Meatball magnifico.

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I hope her insurance covers treatment for PTSD.

to Anonymous #1309978

It does but thanks for your concern

Naples, Florida, United States #1277454

So the meatball wasn't round enough and they didn't kiss your butt enough? Please spare them your presence and eat at home.

Homosassa, Florida, United States #1274843

From SusieQ10. I have been contacted by the Corporate Office a d the restaurant and am very happy with the resolution. My faith has been restored in this company.

Fullerton, California, United States #1272522

There are people starving in third world countries and you are pissed about your meatball being the wrong shape. Sigh, first world problems.

to MakeMyDay2016 Gahanna, Ohio, United States #1272526

Only in America do people complain about petty things like this. The OP is making American's look bad.

I the reason they did not get back to her was because of how silly this complaint is. I can understanding them having an issue with the food being too cold, but the horror, their meat patty was the wrong shape.

How will she get on with her life? Hope she is not traumatized by this.

to gahua Los Angeles, California, United States #1273063

Actually "gahua", it's people like YOU that make America look bad. Between your moronic rambling and subpar English skills, you are a poor representation of America. Please stop posting and embarrassing us.

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1273318

"Gauha" is just a nick name. You are the one that makes them look bad y defending their behavior.

By complaining about the shape of their meatball they are making us look bad. I stated this, and Gauha backed me up. There are starving people in the world and this person is angry because her meat was not shaped the way they want. It seems like you are the uneducated one and makes us look bad and embarrasses us.

She or he clearly stated that they have no issues with the other things that went wrong, but when one complains about how their meat looks that is what makes us look bad. It makes us look stuck up to other countries, even our allies Canada and England think this way because of people like you and the OP. To those that are reading please don't think of us as stuck up because of idiots like anonymous from LA, and the OP. We are not all self centered.

We don't all complain about silly things.

That is just a stereotype, and the user from LA and the OP do not represent all of us. Most of us would not complain about a silly thing like the shape of or food when there are many people starving even in our own country.

to Anonymous Virginia, United States #1273323

You know what, these people have a point. Also what is wrong with her English skills?

The fact that you don't agree with her does not mean she has poor English skills. Yeah they have every right to complain about cold food. Yeah they asked that their soup is serve first and it was served with the meal. But seriously making a fuss over the way their food looked?

The only thing I see wrong with their English is using understanding unstand. Before criticizing someone else you should proof read your own paragraph because yours is not perfect either. Why don't you take your own advice and stop embarrassing us.

You called makemyday a hypocrite but the true hypocrite is you. I have a strong feeling that you are SuzieQ though.

to MakeMyDay2016 Los Angeles, California, United States #1273062

If you are so concerned about starving people in third world countries, what are YOU doing about it? I mean, you must be doing something, i.e.

donating time, money and food, otherwise your comment would make you a hypocrite.

Did you know while you are on this site making snarky remarks on everyone's complaints, people are dying from starvation? Again I ask, WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT?!!

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1273320

I do donate food so think again. I am not a hypocrite.

Stop ASSuming I don't do a thing. Even if I don't, it is pretty petty to complain about your meatball looking like a hamburger. It will still taste the same. Seriously grow up.

Do your parents know you are on here. Did you know that in the time you took to post this people are also staving of starvation? You ask me what I did about it I ask you what you are doing about it. Answer that hypocrite.

And being on here for a few hours gives me time to do other things as well.

If you were not retarded or only four years old you would be able to figure this out. The whole point is you and the OP are making us look bad by making a fuss over the shape of a meatball.

Laurel, Maryland, United States #1272150

Their quality control is horrible. I would rather eat at McDonalds.

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