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My friend and I arrived for dinner at 8:30 PM on Saturday, 11/7/2015 at the Jacksonville, FL location on Blanding Boulevard location off Youngerman Circle.

There was a large waiting crowd outside. We enter the establishment. There was no hostess to be found. The bar seating near the kitchen was open. We seated ourselves. A server finally waited after waiting 5-10 minutes.

We didn't receive our salads for approximately half an hour. We were provided with no silverware until I had to point that out to the server. Water refills were also non-existent/slow. We finally received our entrées within 15 to 20 minutes after receiving our salads.

I ordered the chicken marsala with extra marsala sauce. No extra marsala sauce was provided. I had to wait over five minutes for them realize they didn't bring extra marsala sauce as I ordered.

My chicken was cold and lukewarm at best in the center. It was not the hot off the grill temperature I had previously. By this point, I was very disappointed with my experience, food, and service.

This is my first time to this location since they relocated from Wells Rd. The food and service was better at the old location. The server, a senior server, and supposedly an assistant kitchen manager attempted to bribe me with free take out order. None of them understood what was wrong and what caused the order to be wrong.

The location was very busy. I understand, but the staff was more attentive and focused on large parties than individual or smaller groups throughout the evening.

I was hoping for a pleasant experience and great food, but I received neither. Instead, I received looks of indifference, insincere apologies as if it was an inconvenience for them, and even the franchise owner tried to bribe me with an offer of a gift card. All I had for dinner was water, a side salad, a bit of bread. My entree was basically cold and it was apparently an inconvenience for them to properly prepare another dish. They supposedly brought me a new fresh prepared chicken marsala, but it didn't look fresh to me. It looked as if it was the one I returned covered with more marsala sauce in a to go container.

I spoke with the franchise owner/manager of the location who was working in the kitchen. His eyes conveyed no genuine interest in my experience and he too attempted to bribe me. His response had no sincerity in addressing my experience.

This was my first visit to this location and will be my last. I'll never dine again at this location under any circumstances. I don't want a free meal. I simply wanted a good experience and meal, but apparently that is asking for too much at this location based on the reaction of the franchise owner and staff.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carrabbas Chicken.

Reason of review: EVERYTHING.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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