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Me and my family of 4 atrived after picking up my mom visiting around 8 bc she kapt checking time bc she wanted to catch the bulldog game We thought our waiter was new so we cut him a lot of Slack it took 15 minutes to get our drinks taken it took another 10 minutes to get our drink we asked if two items was good on the menu he said he hadnt tried yet so too us he confirmed that he was new.I ordered a hot cup of water with lemon an a sweet tea he brought me hot water in tall soda glass I had to ask for a tea cup it took 15 mins for my mom's wine and my daughter apple juice to come than another 10 min passed I asked where were the appetizers and soups he said they are coming I said I hope we don't it with our meals they came out calamari was barely hot and salty and the restaurant wasn't crowed I let that go then he comes bk and say the mussels you oder for your mind entree they said they can't make it bc there aren't enough mussels I said we order over an hr ago and you are just telling us we said can u throw some shrimp in to make up for mussels bc that's the reason we came here she wanted mussels and tiramisu.

He walked away and I saw him walking around bk and forth so I raised my hand to get his attention he came over and asked is every thing ik he said the manager doesn't sant to do it at all I said are are u kidding we we sat down at 815 and and waited mins b4 u came over and Waited patiently and oder this over an hr ago now he doesn't want ro make it. I asked to speak to the manager he cines is very 5mins later and ask who order what because he had plates in his hand he never introduced his self and hen just stood there I had to ask are u the manager he said yes I asked how does it take over an hr to tell someone what they ordered they can't get he started looking all around the store while talking saying I told him they are mostly open and it didn't want to give them to u and I to said when did u notice this he said I'm not sure so my mom sitting here with no food n u brought ours out. He started waving his arms looking around the restaurant again instead of at us and said he can get her something else I asked for free he said yessss with an attitude and moved his arms again she said I'll just have what he has my husband lasagna he said fine. The waiter brings it to us in less then 2min it looks nothing like my husband plate it wasn't very hot it looked like they just threw it on a plate and sent it out so I called the waiter over he said he saw the difference being that it's open lithe I saw him arguing with the cook who through it in the warmer heater thing and he looked and me like was pissed off.

And he he's still talking to my waiter before he walked away. I watching still haven't touched my food bc I'm pissed off he takes my mom food out the oven I'm looking at him he has a attitude the way he put the plate down he grabbed another one transfer the food to it and place it down for pick up with a attitude rhe water looks attitude him and just picked it up attitude brought it to us he left it in so long it looked bad my mom still tasted it and was not happy he took it bk I asked for the store number management name and I told him I didn't want my food because when I tasted it while watching the cook the pasta was over cooked sitting I so much butter attitndnd cold it was mushy. He took the plates attitndnd walked away my daughter didn't even her pizza just the pepperoni we waited and waited and had to u call the waiter over n ask for the bill he said sure the bill was compt exceptfor $15 and the manager never came bk over I had ask another waiter for a copy of my receipt and the manager name and store number I have been to this store so many times but I will never carraba the time of day of day or another dime the way we were treated by staff with poor customer service and attitudes we didn't leave till 10pm and still hungry. As I posted on fb the worst restaurant experience we have ever had the food was nasty just trown together cold and or not available an hr after ordering I don't know how Todd became the manager he lacked the skills to communicate and manage the service/situation.

I tried calling but the phone line didn't answer properly due to the time of night and holiday weekend I have a copy of my receipt I'f you need me to email it but this whole thing was a disgrace never again.

Signed shannon camp

Pissed off customer

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of carrabbas mussels. Carrabbas needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1253068

This reads like a drunk second grader wrote it

to Anonymous Mexico, Capital District, Venezuela #1253081

Lol I thought the same as well...

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